The PERT math section can be a nightmare for many students.
Depending on the score you get, you will be placed into remedial classes.

There are three remedial math classes required before you can take any credited math class (College Algebra, Liberal Art Math,)

Now to the important part, HOW YOU CAN PASS THE PERT Math section so you do not take any remedial math classes.

If you haven't done math for a long time, you need to refresh your knowledge on algebra concepts like polynomials, factoring, solving equations and more.

The test will start with the Elementary Algebra section, but if you get a certain number of questions wrong, the PERT will lower the level of difficulty to basic arithmetic with concepts such as adding fractions, proportion problems, integers, etc....placing you in a remedial class.

We have created it a free tutorial website to help you practice for the Pert math section.

Do not get frustrated. If you need to take remedial classes, just do it.

Believe me, College Algebra can be challenging if you do not know your basic algebra concepts.

The important part is that you start ASAP and learn.

We hope you enjoy all the FREE resources offered in this website, pass it around and give it to your friends :)

Thanks for Learning

Vanessa Graulich from I Hate Math GroupĀ®
How Can I Pass the PERT?